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I believe in an Antiguan & Barbudan dream where, with hard work and sacrifice, progress can take place from one generation to the next. But first, we must invest in Our people, in Our communities, and in Our Nation.Michael S. Browne
Michael Sherwin Harris Browne was born at Holberton Hospital in St. John’s, Antigua, to a mother from Sea View Farm and a father from Urlings Village. His mother, a Mount St. John retired nursing assistant, raised him.

After completing a dual Bachelors Degree at The University of the West Indies at Mona (UWI) with the help of a Board of Education scholarship, Browne turned down an invitation to immediately undertake graduate studies in International Relations at the St. Augustine, Trinidad. He returned home to assist his mother, working as a teacher at Princess Margaret Secondary (PMS) and a sub-editor at the Antigua Sun Newspaper.

He started an Etiquette and Modeling Club at PMS to help inner-city youth develop leadership skills by bridging the science of aesthetics with academic prowess, to fuel personal development. Browne twice served as a member of the Queen of Carnival Committee in community and public relations and was host of the 2001 Queen of Carnival Pageant. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Optimist Club of St. John’s, Browne’s keenest passions included volunteering at the Boy’s Training School and the Good Shepherds’ Home for Girls, and working tirelessly on AIDS awareness campaigns. Through his own small business VerbosityPLUS, he provided seasonal employment to youth in economic transition.

Michael Browne also served as the Public Relations Manager of Sandals Antigua Resort & Spa where, among other responsibilities, he worked to strengthen and expand the relationship between the world’s leading honeymoon resort property, and the wider community of Antigua & Barbuda.

In 2002, with the help of an Organization of American States LASPAU Fellowship, Browne attended the graduate School of Education (SOE) at Pace University in New York City where, in under two years, he was the first to simultaneously complete two Masters Degrees, while working as the Director of the University’s Honors College and as graduate assistant in the Office of the Dean. After Pace, he immediately began advanced graduate studies at Teachers College (TC) Columbia University while gaining Optional Practical Training (OPT) with New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE). At TC, Browne published his first scholarly work – Mobile Education in Sudan: Conduit to EFA or Optical Illusion? With NYCDOE, he was trained and worked in key administrative capacities including as a literacy coach, data specialist, staff developer, assistant principal, acting principal, and school district English and Mathematics assessment and corrections coordinator.

Michael Browne was the co-grant writer for an alternative public school with a curricular focus on the urban environment, and one of the founding administrators of the first all-male public school serving grades 6 through 12 in New York City. He founded and directed Keeping-on-Point (KOP), a nonprofit mentoring and academic program to help economically vulnerable students gain an understanding of their place in the world through character education, community service, and collaborative partnerships. Additionally, Browne also worked as an adjunct lecturer and administrator in The City University of New York college system, and served on Pace University’s NCATE (The Standard of Excellence in Teacher Preparation) accreditation advisory board.

Shortly, Michael Browne expects to be the first to simultaneously complete a Doctorate in Education Leadership and Policy (E.D.D.), and a Juris Doctorate of Laws (J.D.) at Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Michael believes that the key to economic development and prosperity is training and educating our people, and providing access to continuous retraining to keep abreast of shifting global trends and market forces. He believes that technical skills and training, and an affordable college education, should to be made available to everyone in Antigua & Barbuda. He believes that with the support of government and private sector, fully accredited institutions within our shores could provide such training and education.

Browne understands that the benefits of training – and retraining – a dynamic workforce are key drivers for growing and diversifying an economy such as ours. He appreciates that government ought to create a climate so that even working families, should they so choose, can invest in their own communities, and in the nation as a whole. He embraces public sector reform focused on efficiency, transparency, accountability, and a responsive attitude of customer service.

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