Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Project

Second Basic Education Project Overview




The Second Basic Education Project (BEP2) which entails enhancement of the teaching/learning environment, enhancement of school management and instructional effectiveness and improvement in the planning and management of the education sector is financed via

  • A loan to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda (GOAB) and
  • A technical assistance grant to GOAB to develop a School Transformation Programme for three selected schools


Project Objective

To contribute to the overall sustainable development of Antigua and Barbuda by strengthening and increasing access and quality in the education system


Project Scope

  1. Enhancing the Learning Environment


Specific Objective: To assist with the implementation of universal secondary education through the provision of additional classroom spaces and supporting educational facilities in Antigua and Barbuda respectively.


This component involves improvement in infrastructure and the provision of equipment. The specific sub-components are:

  • Building and Civil Works

Expansion and rehabilitation of St. Mary’s Secondary School, and Irene B. Williams Secondary School(Antigua) and Sir McChesney George Secondary School (Barbuda), to provide 58,764 square feet (sq. ft.) of space comprising 13 classrooms, 15 specialist rooms and administrative spaces, with special attention to accessibility, inclusive of relevant gender specific design requirements.


  • Furniture and Equipment

Furniture and equipment will be procured for all schools upgraded under the project.



  1. Enhancing School Management and Instructional Effectiveness

This component will support the development and institutionalisation of instructional effectiveness through improvements in teacher preparation, and enhancement of content knowledge and and instructional practice of teachers. It will also address school transformation and enhancing the capacity of principals and other management personnel to manage and undertake instructional leadership.


The specific sub-components are:

  • Consultancy services for the Evaluation and reform of the teacher education programme at the Antigua State College



  • Consultancy services for Strengthening resource allocation capacity (This involves implementing a system that ensures that schools are provided with the necessary material and human resources based on their specific needs.)


  • Consultancy services for the Evaluation of TVET capacity



  • Development of a School Transformation Programme.


  • Training for
  • 26 secondary school principals and deputy principals in school leadership, teacher development, and instructional support; (bb) 5 teacher trainers and 10 content area teachers to degree level in specialist pedagogical and content areas


  • 5 teacher trainers and 10 content area teachers to degree level in specialist pedagogical and content areas


  • 36 ECD teachers and caregivers in the delivery of effective stimulation, and emergent literacy and numeracy instruction


  • 450 primary and 480 secondary teachers in remediation of literacy and numeracy deficiencies, differentiated instruction and core content areas


  • 30 MOE school supervision and curriculum officers to monitor, evaluate and report on efficacy of teacher practice, identify instructional deficiencies, and plan and deliver programmes to address deficiencies identified



  • Six study tours for principals and deputy principals of project schools to observe best practices in effective schools in other countries. Technology and twinning will be used as support structures for implementation of school improvement plans designed from the experiences garnered.


  1. Enhancing Sector Planning and Management: This component is the enhancement of institutional capacity of MOE for planning, managing and monitoring the sector. The sub-components are:
  • Consultancy services for the establishment of policy and institutional reforms for psychosocial support services.

Specific Objective: To develop a framework for the establishment of gender-inclusive psycho-social services to serve the education system

  • Consultancy services for the establishment of a central data repository

Specific Objective: To assist the Ministry of Education in developing and implementing a central data repository for the storage and accessing of data relating to the entire education system.


  • Eight study tours for sector leadership personnel to observe and learn from the operation and management of effective systems. Technology and twinning will be used as support structures for implementation of the management and supervision of plans designed from the experiences garnered


  1. Engineering and Architectural Design Works and Construction Supervision: This component is the completion of final designs and cost estimates for a new secondary school and an Early Childhood Model Centre,  both to be located at Tomlinson and supervision of works at the schools designated for expansion and rehabilitation


  1. Project Management: This component is the implementation and oversight of project activities over the life of the project. A project management consultant will also be engaged for a month to assist the Project Coordinator (PC) in setting up structures for implementation and monitoring of project activities.



Time Span

This project is expected to span a six (6) year period: 2014 – 2019.