No. Name of School Name of Principal E-mail Addresses Contact Numbers Address Parish
1 Bolans Primary Mrs. José Joseph 462-7400 Bolans Village St. Mary
2 Five Islands Primary Mrs. Hyacinth Gonsalves-Barriero 462-6173 Five Islands St. John
3 Golden Grove Primary Mrs. Sandy Lewis  462-1267 / 562-0157 Golden Grove St. John
4 Greenbay Primary * Mr. Christopher Roberts greenbayjrsec@gmail. 462-4495 Greenbay St. John
5 Jennings Primary Mrs. Denise Solomon 460-6070 Jennings Village St. Mary
6 Old Road Primary Mrs. Ryona Joseph 462-8421 Old Road Village St. Mary
7 Urlings Primary * Ms. Tameka Christian 462-8024 Urlings Village St. Mary