Education Appeal Tribunal

Functions of the Education Appeal Tribunal

The Educational Appeal Tribunal, in deciding a matter being appealed, may make an order doing one or more of the following-

a) confirming or varying the decision that is under appeal;

b) identifying a student as a student with special educational needs;

c) determining that an individual education plan be prepared for a student

d) directing the Director of Education to implement an individual education plan in a particular environment including, but not limited to, a regular class;

e) directing the Director of education to enroll a student in a school named by the Education Appeal Tribunal

f) directing a determination to be made in accordance with section 85;

g) defining the contents of a student record when the appeal under consideration is pursuant to section 22; and

h) reinstating to school a student who has been expelled or placed on an indefinite suspension


The Education Appeal Tribunal shall be subject to the guidelines of the Education Act 2008.